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Oxford Spirits is Oxford's Only Liquor Store and is a landmark for those seeking quality wines and knowledgeable staff. Established in the year 2000, we are located near the intersection of Lynn Ave and Contreras Rd. / W. High St. Oxford Spirits has transformed from a neighborhood favorite to one of the best wine emporium in this short period. Oxford Spirits is the one-stop shop for wine, liquor, beer, champagne and fine Cigars. Oxford Spirits is poised to break into the top stores in State of Ohio.

Oxford Spirits features one of the largest selections of any store in the State of Ohio, all kept in-house. Yes, that's in-house. No matter what area you seek, Oxford Spirits selection is top notch. Besides selection, the breadth of quality wines is overwhelming.

Our Wines & Spirits

Oxford Spirits is committed to providing you the world's most exceptional wine and spirits at affordable, market competitive prices. We've tasted a broad scope of wine and spirits to limit our diverse selection to only the wines that we are passionate about, passing on many items that do not meet our rigorous standards. We have personally chosen every item we carry to create an affordable but extensive base of inventory that maximizes the chance that you will find a value-priced, high quality wine that you enjoy...

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